CĂ©line Abad, Kenvue, presented CosPaTox at PPWR2: Optimizing Packaging Systems’ Safety for Reuse and Recycling in Compliance with the New Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation Symposium

PPWR2 Symposium held on 08th – 09th of November 2023 at Université Paris-Saclay, Campus Agro. The PPWR outlines rigorous requirements for packaging across its entire lifecycle. Its primary focus lies in promoting environmental sustainability, minimizing packaging, enhancing cross-sector reusability, increasing recycling rates and recycled content, eliminating hazardous substances, improving labeling, and enforcing strict regulations for biobased and biodegradable materials. CosPaTox is aiming to establish a voluntary industry guideline including toxicological threshold values for the safe evaluation of polyolefin recyclates. Céline Abad, J&J/kenvue, presented details of the CosPaTox project organization as well as the status of the project. The guideline is scheduled for publication early 2024.

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